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Custom Airbrushed Apparel

Custom Airbrushed Fire Department, Law Enforcement, EMS and Military Apparel - By Mike Vary of Spectre Syndicate

TAC 1 Systems has partnered with Mike Vary of Spectre Syndicate to help bring his unique style of custom apparel to public safety and military personnel. Mike is an accomplished artist and he has taken a special interest in Police, Fire, EMS and Military artwork. Whether you would like your apparel to match your current patch or logo or you would like a fresh, new design, Mike can accomidate your request.

Why airbrushed instead of screen print or embroidery?
When most people think of airbrushing, they usually picture a custom car. What most people don’t know is that the same technique can be used on clothing to get a quality and detail that far surpasses what you can get from screen printing or embroidery. After the artist has finished painting the design on to the garments, each one is then heat set causing the paint to fully bond with the fabric. The results are designs that stay looking good long after the shirt does. Since the paint is set into the fabric you don’t have the peeling or cracking that is often seen in time with screen printing, and with airbrushing there are no screens or need for a specific type of file. All we need is a picture of your logo, a patch or even just a verbalized idea and Mike will take it from there.

Your piece will be unique.
Because Mike uses a freehand technique, each piece of airbrushed apparel is unique from every other piece, even those of the same design.

Possible uses

  • Department wear
  • Off duty wear
  • Special events or fundraisers
  • Gifts or awards
  • Department sports uniform (Baseball jersey, etc.)

So lets get down to brass tacks...There are no minimum orders or setup fees. Pricing varies depending upon a number of factors. To get an estimate or quote, please call or email us with an idea of what you would like, the quantity you are looking for and if you would like to use a current logo or patch, a hi-res image of that design.

Because Mike airbrushes each piece personally, you will need to allow time for the design approval and production process. That being said, call us ASAP to get the ball rolling!

Fire Department Airbrushed T-Shirt
Airbrushed Fire Shirt

Marine Corps USMC Airbrushed Shirt

Sheriff Airbrushed T-Shirt

Airbrushed Maletse Cross

Airbrushed Police Department T-Shirt

Custom Fire Department Apparel

Airbrushed Star Of Life Shirt

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