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Magazine Pouches

Maxpedition features a selection of single and double ammo, magazine and grenade pouches, designed to be MOLLE compatible so you can attach it to any Maxpedition backpack, gearslinger, versipack or duffel bag. Some ammo pouches feature six rows of attachement webbing that allows the pouch to be positioned at different heights; others are designed with TacTie attachment straps. Pouches are available with sheath lids or you can opt for shock cord retention for easier access.

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Maxpedition 1434 12rnd Shotgun Ammo Pouch
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1434
Maxpedition 1436 Double Frag Grenade Pouch
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1436
Maxpedition 9826 Double M4/M16 Shingle (30rnd Magazine)
Starts at:
Style: MXP_9826
Maxpedition 9825 Double M4/M16 Shingle (Short)
Starts at:
Style: MXP_9825
Maxpedition 1412 Double Sheath
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1412
Maxpedition 1438 Double Stacked M4/M16 30RND (4) Pouch
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1438
Maxpedition 1440 Double Stacked MP5 30 RND (4) Pouch
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1440
Maxpedition 9836 Modular Insert for Four (4) M4/M16 Magazines
Starts at:
Style: MXP_9836
Maxpedition 9837 Modular Insert for Six (6) M4/M16 Magazines
Starts at:
Style: MXP_9837
Maxpedition 9835 Modular Insert for Two (2) M4/M16 Magazines
Starts at:
Style: MXP_9835
Maxpedition 1449 Horizontal shotgun 6rnd panel
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1449
Maxpedition 1465 M14/M1A Magazine Pouch
Starts at:
Style: MXP_1465

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