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Tracer Responder Series 5 Function LED Traffic Control Baton

Item Code: TB-14

Manufacturer: Tracer

Manufacturer Part Number: TB-14

    * 14" In Length
    * 5 Functions For Increased Visibility And Versatility.
    * Functions Include: 1st Color Flashing, 2nd Color Flashing, 1st & 2nd Color Alternating, 1st & 2nd Color Simultaneously, White LED Flashlight Tip
    * Magnetic Base For Attaching To Vehicles, Guard Rails, Etc.
    * Stainless Steel Belt Clip
    * Wrist Lanyard
    * Available In: Red/Blue, Red/Amber, Red/White And Blue/White

     TRACER™ Responder Series LED Traffic Batons are the end all of personal traffic control devices. Designed by an Emergency Responder specifically for use by Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue and EMS/Ambulance. All of these services face the most extreme and unexpected conditions for traffic control. Often with little or no time to set up advance warning signs or devices to alert other approaching motorists of an emergency, responder’s lives depend upon being seen early and easily on our roads and highways. From top to bottom, the Responder Series fulfils this task with shimmering brilliance.
     The Responder Series contains 18 + 1 high intensity LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) in the light housing. 9 each of two specified colors in the LED housing and a single white LED in the tip that is utilized as a flashlight. The LED’s utilized have a tested service life that exceeds 50,000 hours and can flash continuously in excess of 30 hours on one set of premium batteries (Duracell used in testing). Internally, the LED’s are arranged between a series of reflectors that maximize the light output from the baton giving visibility of up to 1 mile. The Responder Series also contains a 5 stage switch module that allows the user to select a flash pattern appropriate for the situation.

     The Chassis of the Responder Series baton is 14” in length with a 10” LED housing and is made from impact resistant polymer. It includes features such as a rubberized switch, rubber gasket on the battery compartment cap for water resistance, stainless steel belt clip that also acts as an anti-roll device when set down or placed on pavement, wrist lanyard to prevent drops and a strong magnetic base that allows the user to attach the Responder Series baton to any ferrous metallic surface such as vehicles or guard rails. The combination of 18 high intensity LED’s, compact & versatile design and affordability give emergency responders a multi-purpose tool that helps protect themselves as well as the public they protect in any traffic control situation, day or night.

TRACER™ Responder Series Functions:
(1) - 1st Color Flashing
(2) - 2nd Color Flashing
(3) - 1st & 2nd Color Slow Alternating
(4) - 1st & 2nd Color Rapid Alternating
(5) - Flashlight Tip

TRACER™ Responder Series Available Color Combinations:
Red / Blue*
Red / White
Red / Amber
Blue / White*
Custom Color Combinations Available. Min Qty’s Apply. Call For Details.

TRACER™ Responder Series Versatility:
•  Handheld Traffic Control Device
•  Replacement Or Substitute For Strike Flares
•  Hazard Marker
•  LZ Director Light
•  Emergency Beacon

Red / Blue

Red / Amber

Red / White

Blue / White

Color Combo Price Qty.


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