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Flare Alert LED Beacon Flares

Item Code: BEACON

Manufacturer: Flare Alert

Manufacturer Part Number: BEACON

    * Brightness: 79 Lumens With 0.5 Watt LED, 220 Lumens With 1.0 Watt LED
    * Battery Life: 10 to 70 Hours (Depending On Model And Mode)
    * Crush Resistance: 20,000 LB Vehicle
    * Batteries Required: (4) AA (Alkaline)
    * Size & Weight: 3.75” x 3.75” x 1.75” – 8 oz with batteries
The manufacturer says:
LED flares save $$
Guaranteed to save you thousands!!
Did you know...
Strike flares are considered “hazardous waste” by the EPA and must be disposed of according to EPA guidelines?
Road flares...
Burn at 5000 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily cause forest fires, brush fires & can instantly ignite any spilled flammable liquid. They also contain chemicals that not only are toxic when inhaled, but pollute local groundwater supplies and leave behind chemicals toxic to wildlife.
FlareAlert is...
-100% friendly for the environment
-Safe near flammables
LED Beacons are you will save money each time you deploy them!!!
Matt Says:
"I first saw these on display at the Northwest Fire & Rescue Expo in Portland, OR. They were magnetized to a steel plate, in a fish tank full of water, while flashing! When I got home I ordered a few to demo. Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was try to break them. First, I kicked one around my driveway. Made it through fine. Next, I dropped a rock on it a few times. No breakage. On to the real tests. Ran it over once with my Jeep and once with our Pierce rescue truck. Still doing fine. Finally, It took a hit from our Pierce Engine (1250 gpm - 1000 gallons)…Well…She didn’t make it through that. But what would? Cool product. We use them on MVA’s and LZ setups. Although it may sound unusual, they do get used a lot on medical calls. Our district is rural with long dark driveways and dropping one of these at the driveway or magnetizing it to the side of a mailbox can help the medic unit find the location easier."

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